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Best Supplements on a Keto Diet – Perfect for Weight Loss & Health


There are so many diets out there it’s hard to keep track of what to do and what not to do these days. Some say you can’t eat grains, some say you can only eat cabbage (Yes there is a cabbage diet), and some are just a bit bizarre. Trust me the list is endless.

However, one of the particular diets I want to concentrate on is the Keto Diet. This diet has been around for a while and I find it is one that does fascinates me as well, as it is very much used for weight loss, which got me to wondering what are the Best Supplements on a Keto Diet.

Just to give you a quick over-view of The Keto Diet, it is a diet based on reducing your Carbohydrate to around 10%, increasing your Fat to around 70% with about 20% Protein, a bit like a Low-Carb Diet. However, you will only get your Carbohydrates from Green Vegetables instead of your starchy carbs like, bread, pasta and rice etc.

The idea is that with the reduction of your Carbs it will put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Our bodies will normally use and burn Carbs for energy and with these being reduced our body will break down stored fat. Which is why this particular diet is great for weight loss, or as I like to call it fat loss.

With the Keto Diet explained Let’s now get into some the Health Benefits and some of the Best Supplements on a Keto Diet.

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Whatever diet you decide to go on, I would always recommend looking at the health benefits of the diet before making changes (luckily I have you covered on this one). This is to make sure the diet is right for you. Remember that everyone is different and everyone will react differently to whatever diet you choose.

So back onto the health benefits of Keto Diet. The main benefit from this kind of diet and is always going to be at the top of the list is Weight Loss. The way this diet achieves this is by the body being in a state of Ketosis which means instead of your body using Carbohydrates and Sugars for energy its using Fat Stores.

This particular diet has also seen benefits on Lowering Blood Sugar Levels. Your body normally uses Carbohydrates stored in the body as its primary use of energy, some carbohydrates can cause spikes of insulin and sugar levels in the blood. So with the restriction of Carbohydrates intake, turns your Fat Stores into energy, which in turn will reduce the blood sugar level in your body.

There are plenty of other health benefits of the Keto Diet and these include, Anti-aging, Increased Energy and Increased Brain Health to name a few.

Best Supplements on a Keto Diet

As we all know there are supplements for pretty much every occasion. However, there are certain supplements that can help this diet along and have some great health benefits. As you will be reducing certain foods such as Fruit and some Starchy Carbs you will need to get your Micro-Nutrients from supplementation.

So Let’s dive into the best Supplements on a Keto Diet.

MCT Oils – These oils are generally found in coconut oils, palm kernel oil and dairy products. This is an essential supplement for people who want to increase the benefits of your body using fat for fuel, which means your body is in a state of Ketosis, when this is the case your body will produceOmega-3 Fish Oil , and these will help you curb food cravings and increase your metabolic rate.

Electrolytes – The main electrolytes effected by The Keto Diet are sodium, potassium and magnesium. So using supplementation you can make sure you are getting these essential salts, vitamins and minerals.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Your can boost your fatty acid intake by eating more Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies (which are keto friendly). These fatty acids can help keep a healthy balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6. If you are not a big fish eater like myself then Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplements are a must.

Vitamin D – This vitamin is important for anyones health, and people following a Keto Diet is no exception. There are few foods that include this particular vitamin. However, this is very important for your immune system, it helps maintain healthy teeth and bones and may help to lower inflammation in your body.

Green Powders – These powders are generally low in calories however they are high in other vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. These include selenium, chromium, vitamin A, iodine, and vitamins C & K.

Are these really essential

The short answer for this I would say is yes. When going from any normal diet and making dramatic changes I feel it is essential for us to keep our bodies stocked up with essential vitamins and minerals we will get from these supplements. This will not only help the transition into a new way of eating, it will also help and aid your body.

Is this a safe diet option

This is a very good question, what we have to consider is what our goals are in the first place before we get into a new diet or way of eating. I would also say if you are looking to lose weight or lose fat it is a sure way to help reduce your fat. In fact the Keto Diet has some great health benefits as stated above, so yes I it is safe.

However, if you are ever unsure about any particular diet then I would always recommend consulting your doctor before you change your diet, especially if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Final Thoughts

Out of all the diets out there I would have to say that The Keto Diet is probably one of my favourites. I found that reducing my Carb intake helped me feel less bloated and made me feel more energized.

If you are looking to get into shape, shift a few extra pounds, or just trying to help all round health this is a great way to go. When reducing your carb intake people think they will miss out on loads of great foods. I can tell you from experience you will not miss out on much, I hardly noticed.Eggs and Bacon

And Let’s be honest, unless you are vegetarian who wouldn’t like a diet that allows you fried eggs and bacon? Sounds like a winner to me.

I hope you enjoyed this article and hope you come back for more, please feel free to leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Best Supplements on a Keto Diet – Perfect for Weight Loss & Health

  1. Hey Tim,
    I can tell you from experience that supplementing on the Keto diet can definitely help with the process.
    Especially for people having problems getting fat adapted!
    I supplemented with MTC and it really helped to suppress my appetite, provide greater mental clarity, and boost my energy.
    Keep calm and Keto on!

  2. I love and use Omega fatty 3 supplements. I did not know they are recommended in conjunction with the Keto Diet. This diet is so popular. I have done my research on it and it seems to be pretty good. I have dry eyes syndrome so the omega 3 help me alto. You gave a nice list of supplement that can be used and good for you. Thank you for the information. Enjoyed the article.

    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Cherry

      Thank you for your kind comments, and yes the Keto Diet is a very popular diet and one I have followed and researched for a while, it definately has its benefits.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article.

      Be sure to look out for new articles and best wishes to you

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